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Running Up a Tab – Reasons Why Your Engine Doesn’t Stop Even After the Ignition is Off

Car Runs After Turning off the Key

Those who own 1958 Plymouth Furys could never really trust their vehicle again after watching the movie Christine about a murderous, demonic car. While that malevolent vehicle existed only inside the movies, the idea of a possessed car is actually all too real for some owners. A report in their vehicle running even after the secret is turned off is actually a more-common-than-you-think occurrence in a variety of vehicle makes. The catch is unique because it’s both rare but common and luckily there are many fixes that don’t involve Holy Water in the radiator.


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How Not to Behave after a Car Accident

Car accidents would be the biggest nightmare of every driver. However, they do happen. Even if you have never been involved in an accident before, then you will be in the longer term. Not all the accidents cause injuries or fatalities, however. In fact, the majority of them only cause property damage. Even so, it is important to know how to behave in this situation whether or not you caused the accident or not. Here are three facts you must never do under any circumstances.

1. Leave the scene of the accident

It can be tempting to simply drive away and have on with your way of life if you are in an accident but it is nothing serious. This is versus the law, however. Even if your so you passengers are typical right, you ought to still make sure that everyone else inside the other car is, as well. This is considered a felony in a lot of states, even if they are responsible, if you simply drive away and someone in the other car is seriously injured.

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Servicing Your Car—Dealer or Independent?

Modern cars have gotten so much more reliable than in years past we sometimes postpone or even ignore routine maintenance when we know we shouldn’t. We accept it for granted our cars will work and they usually do-until they don’t. A bit preventative maintenance will ensure your vehicle cranks and gets you to and from work every and each time. Nor does the process of getting the car serviced have to be an inconvenience. If you have a Nissan you may already keep in mind the super convenient Fontana Nissan. Here are several tips to help you when considering time to have your vehicle serviced.

Sometimes You Get What You Buy

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